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fitting instructions

Fitting is easy !!

Tools Required

Toolkit (wall plugs & screws), Drill, Screwdriver

Optional: spirit level, tape





Establish appropriate position for siting house sign eg. on the brickwork on the left or right hand side of the door, on the door, on the porch front. You may want to refer to some of your neighbours house signs first. 



Fitting Process


1)    Drill wall using drill bit

2)    Insert wall plugs

3)    Screw in house plaque





Don't use brick joints as a mounting position. Use solid brickwork to ensure a secure fixing


We recommend using 1mm smaller drill bit, and then use the correct sized bit. This will prevent the drill bit from drifting.

Ensure template has been taped into position prior to drilling and the position is checked with a spirit level.






Emergency Services


Six ways you can help the emergency services find you when you need them.


1. Make sure your number is large enough to be seen from the road. Make your house name as visible as No Parking signs.


2. If possible place your house name or number on a wall or gate next to the road rather than on the door. House numbers on doors can be too far from the road to be seen. Many houses have doors on the side so the number cannot be seen from the road at all.


3. Cut back foliage regularly so that your number can be seen clearly. Bushes can hide the number, especially in Spring and Summer.


4. Ensure that your number stands out. Lack of contrast hinders crews especially at night. A brown number on a brown door would not stand out!


5. Help your neighbours make their numbers visible. The emergency services will be able to find your house quicker if their houses are clearly numbered.


6. Encourage your local shop keepers to put the street number on their shop front.




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